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There are many good reasons to place an interactive tour on your homepage – increase time visitors spend on your website multi-fold, raise your Google ranking, increase your conversion rate and become a trendsetter in online marketing, to just name a few. We are happy to provide you with an analysis of how it can improve your online presence.

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Increase online bookings

Research shows that time spent on hotel websites with interactive tours is five times as long as those without tours. It’s like inviting a potential visitor to come inside your facility and take a long, unhurried look around. This engaging, entertaining and informative online experience is proven to dramatically increase online sales. And because shoppers love to linger on our panoramic tours, your Google ranking will move up dramatically as well.



Stand out from the masses

You overhauled your website, making it informative and more attractive... now what? What keeps visitors from abandoning your website for other hotel sites? The fact is that all hotels have given their websites a fresh look and once again it becomes a challenge to stand out from the competition. Internet surfers will visit on average 22 hotel and other travel sites while shopping for travel destinations. What keeps them on your site?

Our interactive tours will make your website memorable and stand out from the rest. Visitors as well as returning customers will talking about your spectacular interactive visuals on their social networks!

Fulfil expectations

Nothing is more important than fulfilling expectations in these times of ratings and portals. You can do this best, if you present everything to the potential guest from the beginning – as if he / she were at the site. The 360° panoramas inform the interested person visually and interactively of all what is important for him / her. Thus, you can attract the maximum number of customers and especially your favourite customers – i.e. those people who really like your offerings. Everybody is beforehand absolutely clear about what he /she is to expect and can book with a good feeling!


Diverse & profitable
application possibilities

360° panoramas enhance your website and support you additionally in selling your beds via digital sales channels. We can integrate your interactive tour at any time on Bergfex, Expedia, Tiscover and HRS free of charge!


Affine for mobile & social media

On mobile devices like e.g. iPhone, iPads, Android and Windows 8 devices you can also watch the tour as if it were on your PC. You can operate the virtual tour by using the intuitive manual control.

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Why our interactive tours?

Business Benefits are numerous:
• reliable and personalized visual delivery engages visitors
• integration of live web content informs and entertains
• tour extends time spent on your website
• tells the full story instilling peace of mind
• authentic visuals improve online bookings and conversion rates
• enhances you brand
• interfaces with other CMS systems
• provides instant feedback on effectiveness
• reduces telephone inquiries
• prevents stale images on partner sites

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